Hello all 👋, I am Muhammad Akbar

MikroTik Certified Trainer & Network Engineer

Learning networking is easy and fun isn't it?. No!

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Hi, I am a Network engineer. I have configured many devices, especially RouterOS devices. I am also familiar with other brands such as Cisco, Juniper, ZTE, BDCOM, Ubiquiti, etc.

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All Projects

Below is a summary of some of the projects we have successfully completed.

Landing Page

Wireless Infrastructure

Installation of wireless LAN connections for the needs of students and lecturers as well as configuration of MikroTik devices (2018).


Smart Office and Security

Smart Office with security camera, finger print sensor and internet access using Fiber Optic (2020).

Technical Documentation

IT Consultant

Observe and evaluate together LAN and internet connections that are currently running and decide to make improvements together with the company's IT team (2019).

Tribute Page

Network Administrator

ZTE device configuration for Fiber Optic services to customers (2021).


Who have collaborated

We have collaborated with several companies and educational institutions


Our Training

We organize various IT trainings including MikroTik, Ubiquiti, Cisco, and others

SMK Bombana

MikroTik Academy Preparation

This training was held in Bombana and was attended by teachers from all over Southeast Sulawesi


MikroTik & Ubiquti Training

This training was organized by UPT TIPD IAIN Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi.


Technology Guidance

This technology guidance is organized by the West Papua Provincial Government, Communication, Information, Encoding and Statistics.


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